About Hannah

I’m lucky to have developed a portfolio career. Embracing my broadcasting and journalism roots with live international news and hard hitting interviews just as much as my work alongside global health professionals and gender equality activists. 

When I do have any downtime, I love to write. As a long standing fertility advocate, my work has been published in The Times and The Sun newspapers, as well as featuring on various BBC broadcast outlets, Channel 5 News and ITV’s Lorraine. My husband and I documented a round of IVF treatment in a widely watched YouTube series Our IVF Diary.

As a news anchor with CNN in London, I was nominated for an Emmy Award for coverage of the Manchester Concert attack in 2017. That year of terror atrocities across the UK saw me regularly broadcasting live on location for the U.S. news network. Throughout my career, I have covered General Elections, referenda, State visits and royal ceremonial affairs – including The Royal Wedding of 2018, live from Windsor, England. Crucially for our times, I have been on the front line of CNN’s Brexit coverage, on air the day after the 2016 vote when David Cameron stepped down as British Prime Minister.

I was invited to host several of the Conservative Party leadership hustings in July 2019 – granting me the opportunity of many sit-down interviews with the now Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and his rival the then-Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. 

In 2018, I single-handedly hosted the Malaria Summit London, attended by HRHs Prince of Wales and Duke of York, Bill Gates, and fifteen Heads of State from across the Commonwealth. Weeks later I hosted the opening session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, at the personal invitation of the Director General of the WHO, Dr Tedros. Developing my passion for global health, I have since moderated the WHO’s inaugural Partners’ Forum in Stockholm and at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver, on behalf of GPE – the Global Partnership for Education.

Born and raised in Bristol, I am now proudly Welsh by marriage. I have run several half marathons, am a keen yogi and have enjoyed various leading roles treading the boards in musical theatre productions. My husband, Lewis, and I live in South West London with our little boy, Sonny.

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